Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good old protest rant!

Hey there,

Like my older blogs, this is one that you may not quite comprehend. Nah, i dont know but the rant veins in me suddenly started gushing out of heavy ironed blood to my fingers... got to write something... got to write something... But yes, i have learned to accept certain things and calm myself down and rearrange the universe (phrase need deciphering) to a format where i could and would bring back certain equilibriums and balance all good and evil. - Day dreamer, you are no effin god. jesus h.

Okay but to make things a bit clearer for you my friend, im talking about uh, the injustices and corruption that happens on the micro (shitty) level of society. When apparently im a LITTLE angered about the fact that someone( and hell, there's plenty of them) capitalizes on the small fucking positions of government and does a corruption binge. (burp, lots of greens here to prevent global warming) Wait... wait, arent this topic a little too old for you too talk about? No its not, because this disease is still prevalent and we are such pathetic people to let this pass and shit. Sigh, but then again, there's nothing we can really do about it eh?

When you see or feel or hear or taste injustice, or mistreatment or unfair conduct - what do you initially feel? A weird sensation of letting it pass and handling down the scene to our good old friend mr. Karma? Or having a deep seated opinion about the matter and having a sense of "why the hell are these insensitive so-called public servants (assholes) rob the taxpayer's money. Even the lowest of the low say, politician kids at the so-called for the kid's voice (commonly know as SK shit) practice this act of lewd, explicit thievery and corruption and use it to grow another set of genitals. (okay okay, what i mean is, they use it for their selfish greed). Yeah, i know, same old story eh?

But the sad part is, people are just letting this go. People within their small communities tolerate these criminal acts of the so-called holier than thou politician bastards and keep stymied because of well.... some of them are so fucking scared to have a fucking bullet in the head. No one protests anymore. Sigh, protest is a sign of anger and you definitely release such bad aura that disturbs the peaceful waves in the cosmos.... BUT aren't these insolent crooks doing so much more madness to humanity? that god will continue to bless this backwater shit country with more uh, purge and destroy? Thats the thing, evil thrives, and the good people die in vain.

Forgive me, i have been influenced by Penn Jilette and Teller...

So to all of you in the government, who lies, cheats, and steals.....


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