Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good old protest rant!

Hey there,

Like my older blogs, this is one that you may not quite comprehend. Nah, i dont know but the rant veins in me suddenly started gushing out of heavy ironed blood to my fingers... got to write something... got to write something... But yes, i have learned to accept certain things and calm myself down and rearrange the universe (phrase need deciphering) to a format where i could and would bring back certain equilibriums and balance all good and evil. - Day dreamer, you are no effin god. jesus h.

Okay but to make things a bit clearer for you my friend, im talking about uh, the injustices and corruption that happens on the micro (shitty) level of society. When apparently im a LITTLE angered about the fact that someone( and hell, there's plenty of them) capitalizes on the small fucking positions of government and does a corruption binge. (burp, lots of greens here to prevent global warming) Wait... wait, arent this topic a little too old for you too talk about? No its not, because this disease is still prevalent and we are such pathetic people to let this pass and shit. Sigh, but then again, there's nothing we can really do about it eh?

When you see or feel or hear or taste injustice, or mistreatment or unfair conduct - what do you initially feel? A weird sensation of letting it pass and handling down the scene to our good old friend mr. Karma? Or having a deep seated opinion about the matter and having a sense of "why the hell are these insensitive so-called public servants (assholes) rob the taxpayer's money. Even the lowest of the low say, politician kids at the so-called for the kid's voice (commonly know as SK shit) practice this act of lewd, explicit thievery and corruption and use it to grow another set of genitals. (okay okay, what i mean is, they use it for their selfish greed). Yeah, i know, same old story eh?

But the sad part is, people are just letting this go. People within their small communities tolerate these criminal acts of the so-called holier than thou politician bastards and keep stymied because of well.... some of them are so fucking scared to have a fucking bullet in the head. No one protests anymore. Sigh, protest is a sign of anger and you definitely release such bad aura that disturbs the peaceful waves in the cosmos.... BUT aren't these insolent crooks doing so much more madness to humanity? that god will continue to bless this backwater shit country with more uh, purge and destroy? Thats the thing, evil thrives, and the good people die in vain.

Forgive me, i have been influenced by Penn Jilette and Teller...

So to all of you in the government, who lies, cheats, and steals.....


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Hey there.

Happy happy weekend it was because i was with my honey for 4 days and we had tons of low cost fun staying at home and attending the Rosicrucian seminar. I really thank her and im gonna miss her a lot. Its just its so light and happy when she's around. We walked around UPD and just enjoyed the cool fresh air and all. Im gonna miss her and its gonna be 2 weeks before i see her again. I plan to go to her place next time even if its a 4hr trip.

So here i am shifting to sort-of mysticism. I really wonder if this is going to work. It deals with tons of meditation and appreciation for the Human power and achieving higher status or that sort of stuff. Im interested of trying it out for now and i believe at some point that Rosicrucianism is indeed true. Anyways, got nothing to lose anyway if i believe. I learned the basic meditation techniques and doing the pentagram exercise. I wonder if i do meditate a lot and improve and be adept, if i could move objects at will or do some astral travelling. Rosicrucianism also believes in reincarnation and it made me think of what my past life would have been.? It also deals with a lot of Karma calculations and how you gain them or lose them and how Karma accumulates. So yeah, lots of precautions from now on. Its hard knock mysticim for the modern time.

One thing i loved about Rosicrucianism is the loving atmosphere where everyone seems to radiate the good vibes into the cosmos. The goodness, peace of mind and its all about service to fellowmen. It really really serves a good purpose. On one of the meditation sessions, we radiated good thoughts and emotions to the bicol region, to our brothers in mindanao and even the whole world. Service or Charity begins at home, the master said. Love your family and start helping them in the simplest way. Jesus Christ is still the center of this and He wants us to go back to the divine form of which we have started.

Thanks to my Honey for introducing me there and for brother Rani for giving us a ride on our way back from LB.

Yesterday i finally finished editing Cmeister's XCM videos. I have already uploaded them to youtube and you can just visit the link here:

Video 1 and Video 2

Thats all for now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What would i do without her?

Hey there,

Messed Up day. Surely i have no one else to blame but myself because i made the mess anyway. Last night i did things that made my honey mad and quite disappointed and i was really really guilty. I hate to go into detail anymore so i wont. I hate myself for making a mistake again and thankfully Leann had the guts to make me realize it again. And i really took all her words by heart and learned from that mistake. I hated myself but then Leann helped me to realize that its just a challenge and i have to grow up and be more responsible and mature. Wow, thanks so much honey. What would i do without her?

The first impulse that you will feel after you realize that you made a hurtful mistake is to automatically come up with a solution and solve it right away. But its gonna take time and its awful that you have to wait to prove and redeem yourself. Again patience and a clear head is key. Calm down and think rationally, apologize sincerely and make the necessary adjustments from that point on.

My sweet Leann was right, everything she told that i did wrongly hit me hard but she's right, it was for my own good. I was just so ashamed of myself. And yet, i must not be down but rather stay up and redeem myself. And i swear i will. When i had my toe surgery, i was frustrated at Leann for bringing me down the hospital but after the operation, i was glad and thankful. I will always remember this scenario so that i would take criticisms more rationally. Hay, again what would i do without Leann? I owe her so much and she taught me so much.

To my honey, i know what i would do now and im serious. Again im sorry for my actions and i love you so much. Thanks a million honey.


So i tested a few things at school,

THE MERCURY FOLD - i tried doing the mercury fold with a different routine. My patter was using a "invisible deck". and i wasnt all that good. Sigh, maybe ill move on a different routine.

THE INVISBLE PALM - wow! success! i tried this to a couple of friends and one of them actually made me take off my jacket to make sure that im not hiding a card up my sleeve! swerte talaga!

Im currently practicing Bill Malone's Dr. Daley's Last Trick. Its a simple card switching using the 4 aces. Its pretty easy and effective!


PENN AND TELLER! - these guys are amazing. Their show "BULLSHIT" is my favorite so far because of their satire, humor and "bullshit"experiments that will make your stomuch lurch! Haha. They are actually pretty smart and witty, one thing that dissappointed me was when they revealed the cups and balls trick but hmmm... yeah i see the merit on why they did that. they have tons of videos on youtube. i like the bullshit episodes about the bible, bottled water and PETA! make sure you guys check out the amazing duo.


Thats it for now.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Taking on The Invisible Palm

Hey there,

Whats goin on?
Got a new assignment from my "mentor" Sam, hmm, for now i wont be disclosing how the effect would look like. I've shared it with Leann and we are going to work on the Project this saturday. Cant wait for it! Im excited to work on it and develop the effect. Its part of my step by step shift to bizarre mentalism and im very very thankful to Sam and Nomer for grooming me and giving me tips and advices. Nomer was kind and generous enough to share with me during a gathering, the "Around the world with Nomer". I have been trying it since then and its very practical with a deck of cards - although i have yet to know the full facet of the effect. Sam is very very helpful, he has given me materials for the "wounded" and "saw" effect. He also thought me, different approaches and attacks to a "bizarre effect" and different "bizarre magic" effects as well. Most of it, i am not trying yet but slowly im heading it that direction.

After learning the Lazy Man's Interlocking Setup by Michael Maxwell, im into another card effect, this one is called the INVISIBLE PALM, originally i think by Paul Harris and popularized by Wayne Houchin. I cant wait to perform the routine, perhaps tomorrow. But i am yet to polish it and i have to develop another patter because what im doing is just mimicking WH's. Yes, i must be unique. Im proud to say that i built up another presentation for the Lazy Man's setup other than Maxwell's.. And i made it a lot fairer to the spectators because both separate packets are thoroughly shuffled to their content. I have shown this to Cmeister (aka KEVIN HO ng TSC) and he gave me good props for the patter i developed. To quote him - "Pre, putsa astig yung tinuro mo sakin, lakas ng sigawan nung pinerform ko kanina". Good for him! He is slowly injecting effects to that insane flourishing skills of his. hehe. I gave on learning how to do Madonna, my hands are not cut out for flourishing! I enjoyed doing a false sybil though. hehe

Anyways, here's the link-Wayne Houchin doing the INVISIBLE PALM that im working on.

Wayne Houchin's Invisible Palm.

I love the effect, its simple, its really more on the patter side than sleight and its close-up magic! I remember watching the invisible palm + kings incognito combo being thought by a magician in the Ultimate Card Sessions i bought from kuya mike. Although i forgot the magicians name, but i certainly wasnt Paul Harris. Hehe.

I saw awhile ago from Joe Pascals "DEATH TO THE DOUBLE UNDERCUT". Man, i gotta see this shit. Hehe. Frankly, i dont like the Double undercut but for some reason i kept on doing that on my card routines. I do it because its quick but its kind of fishy to some spectators ive encountered. Hmm, i could experiment another way to do it.

I cant wait for Saturday! My honey's gonna be here and its time for another gathering! I cant wait to perfect and develop the effects im learning.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Lazy man's setup.

Hey there.

Today i finally learned the Lazy man's interlocking setup by M.Maxwell. Its a setup of stacked cards and the effect would be a prediction kind of card effect. The deck is cut and shuffled by two spectators... the 1st packet would be dealt by the first spec and stopping at the card anytime... the card will be an indicator on how to get another card in the other packet... another random card is chosen and finally matches the Prediction!

Its a great trick. ive'd performed it to several people today and by that i developed my own unique patter for the effect. just one effect at a time... i feel like i really need to learn more because sometimes, i just run out of effects to perform. Im trying to develop 2 separate short routines. Next week, ill try it out at the Vinson's hill. Its all about the guts! this afternoon i was really really tempted to perform for Shahana Abdul Wahid (i know i got her name wrong) she was the former President of the student coucil of UP. Hehe. But nah, she's kinda busy so yeah. Bummer. I really wish my honey is near so that she's the first person to see my newly learned effects. Sigh. Also i need a very lovely assistant/cameragirl! Hehe. Sigh.

Speaking of her (leann), i was worried all morning because she wasnt texting. Turns out that there was a problem with Globe or whatever. I was a little worried (because im a natural paranoid) on where she was or was she just fine... But hey, she's a fighter so she'll be okay. But if anything turns out, im ready to go to her where ever she is. Love that girl so much. I spent half the day pretty much thinking bout her.

Im looking forward to tomorrow's gathering! I wished that it would be at rotary, but megamall would be just fine. by the way, one of my classmates filmed my speech at my english class. whew. its an 8 minute clip so ill just put the link here.

Thats about it for now.

thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Tuna, Swim To Open Waters.

Hey there.

And yes it is me once again finding my inner writer soul and putting it to the test one more time. I need to make another journal where i must promise that i write with a lot of sense and no more over the top sarcasm and elevated egos. This time i must post sensible thoughts and experiences that i may ponder on for the yearrrrrs to come. Especially on my magic career which im doing pretty good so far and im beginning to enjoy performing to complete strangers! its a feat!

I missed blogging and i missed talking to myself. Preoccupied with a lot of things, this in one good exercise to keep me intact and sharp and everything. Self evaluation if you will. Sanity is indeed a good thing, just keep things steady and look onwards and feel the positivity even with negative things lurk within you. Thats me, the pessimist who looks at life in a crashing negative way. Speculating but not doing. Its a real pain, a real grind. But, its not the end of the world as they say... you live and given the chance to live, to survive another day.

Im glad to have found a great love, my honey. She made me complete and i wayyy better now that she's there for me, making me laugh and smile everyday. I sure hope we could spend a lot of time with each other, no matter, distance wont be a problem since we already passed a seriously rocky stage. its just a matter of trust and love of course! Im also glad to have friends that are somewhat insane like me, i love having good conversations with them and i learn much from them, and if i got something new in magic, they are my first spectators which at first curse me for fooling them and later on asking me how i did the magic. They are also pretty good bloggers, big fan of yours! -you guys know who you are since kayo lang naman nagbabasa neto. haha.

Last tuesday i was at a roadside bar in maginhawa st. with the KE brods. Our meeting was graced by the presence of Boss Leo, which is the Executive Editor of the PDI. awesome and cool guy! After a round of booze, boss ericson dared me to do magic to a couple of lady gals who just finished their dinner at the other bar. I would usually decline because i dont have much guts anyway but now, makapal na talaga ang mukha ko. So, with a little warm up i approach my spectators and did my routine. Astig! i made them laugh and giggle and it was very very satisfying for me. Of course, i didnt ask their numbers, not Ethical! Hehe.
First i did a back palm
Then the RENEGADE effect
and finally, POSITIVE NEGATIVE - inspired by Nomer. (which i really dont know the real way of doing it). But hey! I did it right!!! ala chamba nga lang.

Going out and attending TSC gatherings really boosted my confidence, and thanks to the warm people at The Story Circle, i was able to upgrade my skills and now i am not afraid to perform to complete strangers. My hands still shake a lot but thats gonna go away soon, i suppose. :)

So yes, its a matter of going out and attacking instead of always dodging the bullet.

Thanks for reading!