Friday, September 19, 2008


Hey there,

I havent blogged for about a month now and well things are quite okay so far. Of course here you are looking at a cycle in life that one who is a good smooth sailing path will eventually hit a nasty bump and stuff like that and may even hit rock bottom. So like, i hate to see everything crumble and just try and stay alive for chrissake.

One thing that influenced me a lot lately is the "Sopranos", not on a negative aspect though. I think what it thought me is you have to be tough all time, to face all your adversities. There is one too many ways of tackling a certain problem and all you have to do is start at one, if that particular solution fails, then as Paulie Walnuts said, "There is always the other option". Also the Sopranos deal with a lot of family values and how to cope with tremendous amount of pressure... ya know, stuff like that.

Here's the best bit that happened to me for just last night, i attended the Ultimate Mentalism Workshop by The Story Circle. The fee was just a hundred bucks and it wasnt even worth it. It was really really good! and after going on a 1 month abscence at the gatherings, i really missed the company of friends from the magic industry. I missed the jam sessions and stuff and wow its a really joyous experience. There's a lot of things that i learned and i hope i can apply it later tonight at LB. What a show eh? David Elefant was there giving out priceless words of wisdom, also the great Leodini who made us laugh out loud. I really enjoyed it and im really glad that i came. It inspired me to try even more at mentalism.