Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random is back after 5 long months of not thinking!

Hey there,

So after a long time of not blogging, here i go again wanting to engage myself in a brainstorm activity just so i can bring back my writing skills from a crappy idle state. Well, not that im braindead for the previous months but i just feel like doing this.

So okay, ill try again and do an at least one entry every day. No particular topic in mind so lets go random!

> i have been hooking up with my ipod lot often right now and well, let me share my top 7 songs, some of them are not current hits and you dont care.

7.> First of Summer, by URBANDUB. - great song. powerful. i just like it.
6.> That's What You Get, by PARAMORE - for a more lively version, listen to their cd, the final riot.
5.>Viva La Vida, by COLDPLAY - very enjoyable. i can relate to the lyrics. jeex.. you know, the calm relaxing yet meaningful song of coldplay... ahh.
4.>Yugto, by RICO BLANCO - after his split with RM, he's back with a smash hit with emotionally and socially charged tune to it. talks about betrayal, adversaries and rising above it all.
3.>Three Evils, by COHEED AND CAMBRIA - a fun song by C&C and yet the rock element to it is still there, actually its still pretty much rock and its very very relaxing compared to like, Welcome Home or No World For Tomorrow. Sigh, sadly we wont see C&C here in the PH anytime soon.
2.>Say Forever, by RICO BLANCO - brilliant song by a brilliant song writer and rakista. this is just rock and roll with all that pointing heavy metal shouting.
1.>Disconnection Notice, by PUPIL - like RB, Pupil comes up with a great unique song. If i was an expat and id listen to their songs, id likely judge them as foreign rather than local. My bro and i loves to listen this one with full volume loudness. too bad i didnt see them last tuesday at the UP FAIR.

-There, on to some more Randoming. well, lemme think.. hmm.. okay this time id share my top five Video Games that im currently wasting my time on... some of them arent current but you dont care. These arent online games, which ruined my life, but yeah, thats another story.

5.> FINAL FANTASY 12 -PS2. yeah, havent done with the "dustia power-leveling trick but im not giving up yet. hehe. i still love this game and i just want to get the "tournesol" and Zodiac Spear so badly.
4.> MEDIEVAL2:TOTALWAR- PC. Yes! Finally i got the game installed. i miss TOTAL WAR action. This time its on the Medieval times! im playing England.
3.> FIFA09/MADDEN09 -PS2. ahh alas EA makes up all its shortcomings on NBALIVE09 by making a respectable football game. Madden09? its given. good game. im a sports guy.
2.>NBA 2k9 -PS2. Never get tired of this game.. keeps my imagination and story brain, going on and on. (after my GM job on Detroit, i quit then transferred to Memphis.. i then traded OJ Mayo for Stuckey. Haha. And im making Darko an all-star. - this will never happen in the real world.)
1>GOD OF WAR/ GOD OF WAR 2 - this game is the shit. very very very challenging.

Whew, feels good to be blogging again. Im afraid this is all for now.

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