Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hey there,

I'm excited to work. New challenges ahead and this time i really have to push myself bigtime. Since for the past months i have been nothing but a big ass sloth, so its time for change and hopefully i wont make mistakes and people around me will accept the decisions i made. But whatever happens, i should stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize. Hopefully this will turn my life around and make me recognize the elements that i can really do.

What if some people cant take the decisions you made?

I should really consider their thoughts and feelings of this and i spent countless hours of justifying the choices that i made, for one, im already 22 and im entitled to make decisions for myself... you know, stand on my own feet. Secondly, i think i know what's best for me and my sorry ass. Sigh, its really though but please God, give me the 38 days that i need to purge myself into a better person. just please help me out in this one. Support.

Just hopefully, this will give a really good boost. a really good start. Gone were the days that i loathe people for having the greater advantage because of some ill gotten wealth they had. Fuck it, obviously life isnt fair, hell neither. So i guess ill stop my head from plotting evil things for these senseless crooks and ill just see them in hell.

Okay calm down. its gotta be alright.

I had a great time doing bum stuff. Mainly watching Supernatural, playing Civ4 and Deadliest Catch.. Very enjoyable indoor stuff. Thanks too for my honey for coming for a couple of days.. it really saved my rotting soul. Made me alive for a moment there and escape the nasty realities that i have to face. I got my thing with magic going again too. im playing with my cards again and praticing everything that i know. Its good what Jm said, too keep tabs on the tricks that i already learned. I guess i got a little intimidated when i saw these uber complicated routines, i got used to praticing simply yet effective effects. So Brad Christian says, Simple HITS hard.

Right now im praticing "Reset" by Paul Harris.

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