Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not much.

Hi there,

Feels like too much happened during the weekend, so much stuff to do, but thats alright because i gotta get busy all the time. Now i hate just doing nothing with my time say just bumming around... id like to be productive and dynamic whether or not what im doing is benificial. I got tons of free time anyway. So lets start with talking about the past Friday the 13th, oh, so horrible that night was.....

The JJ's hate-rage.

Okay so last friday was the last day (methinks) of the UP FEBFAIR and foolish me, didnt anticipate the ridiculously huge crowd that flocked in, wanting to cramp themselves inside the Fairgrounds. I think there were over five to ten thousand people there, mostly UP students who just finished a damning hell-week (week full of exams and reports) so most of them just wanted to have a good time at the fair, maybe watch the rock concert and look at the different stuff in display there. So around 8pm i went there and (sweet jesus) the line for the tickets is quite long and people snitching and jocking for position just so to have tickets. I know its now ridiculous to go inside the Fair but then, i really wanted to go in because in the back of my head i wanted to perform... so i still went there, met a couple of friends and bought tix. If i thought that the line for the tix was long, i was shocked when i learned that the line for the entrance was around 10 times longer. So yeah, i say, eff it, im not going anymore and i hate these kind of over-crowded events where anything can happen. So, i sold my tix to a bloke, and went home. (played fifa for the rest of the night).. Pip and Cess luckily got connections and they got in easily thru the back stage and actually watched the concert near the stage, but not enough to be slamming with the RTARD JJ's (JUMPING JOLOGS) hellish moshpit.

Ahh, the foul odored, hate-black laden, skinny jeans and funny hair and creepy eyeliner JJ's. Emo posers. Losers. Retards. Sigh, i dont pity them, i simply hate them. You can see them at every rock concert where slapshock or chicosci is playing. Jesus Christ. Seriously, you can smell them from a mile away cause they stink so bad. But yeah, just now i realized that as much as i hate them, i cant do anything about it but just to avoid them, they are part of the society anyway and heck this is a free country so... yeah. Each to their own eh? (im getting bored with this story) so to make it short, the JJ's got mad because the fair organizers werent allowing people to enter the venue anymore because it reached capacity limit. What these rtards did is that they started to ram the barricades until a semi-roit broke out injuring some cops. Sigh. Glad Cess and Pip got home say. Glad i didnt pursue going in. Haha. Im impatient really.

Current wishlist: Watch Coldplay. Live in Concert. Damn.

Right now, im hooked with FIFA 09. Im just into this game. Its really really challenging... Speaking of challenges, im now pressuring myself to practice card palming, basic palming that is. Well, i do believe that the best way to hide or cover a palm is to with a good misdirection, subtle and not obvious. Just like doing a pass... (sorry for the sleight of hand lingo). Anyway, im playing deportivo la coruna on Fifa, they're an amazing team i think. Im gonna be watching more La Liga rather than basketball.. (only because my pistons suck right now and im patiently hoping for the rebuilding mode, and pls get rid of kwame brown).

Ahh, yes, time to master paul harris' Las Vegas Leaper.
also im running 3 laps on the acad oval everyday, at least twice a day. So yeah.

Til next time.

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