Tuesday, March 31, 2009


hey there,

im back and again nothing comes out of my head if i try to think of what to put here. The best solution is just to stay steady and go random with everything. And just quietly drop dimes. One thing im very glad is that im chatting with Gracie again. I call her Gracie Prozac. I really enjoy talking to her and stuff. Im just glad.

I got nothing going on really, Gracie took most of my depression away. And its a bad habit to write only when you are depressed. And i get depressed by a lot of things, they just kind of merge into a huge snowball and you know, hit you... so yeah, stress can be relieved and life can be enjoyed and all that shit... Im thinking of morbid stuff more often now, like how i my gonna maul senseless a fucking thief or a robber if ever i meet one, what words do i say and how brutl im gonna be. Ah, the great depression of life. I wonder how it feels like to end someone's life. Nah, its too morbid for me. Im such the nice fat kid.

Summer is here. And i definitely hate it.

There's a lot happening during the summer season, most of it is really fucked up. One has to be careful of what could happen on the course of this year's most dreadful season. In my part i gotta brace for it because its gonna be a long lonely ass summer, but the good part is that im gonna make plenty of money, i hope. I just hate summer, plain and simple. But yeah, ill just expect whatever and face it and swallow the bitter pill if i have to. Fuck you summer.

One thing i did that made me proud yesterday is that i worked-out, 600kcals non-stop. I think thats great. I was pretty tiring and all but i did it and i enjoyed doing it.. The better part is that i didnt have any pain strain on my legs. Which is really cool. Ill trying repeating my feat today if things go smoothly.

I still have a lot to do...
I have to wash my sheets, fix my bags, buy bus tickets, buy rap's party flavors. I hope Leann could understand that i need time to do all that stuff. Sigh, im such the weaklings when it comes to arguments. FUCK.

"well this is what would be oh glory."

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